Our Investment Process is based on four fundamental vectors:

• Active Management

• Risk Monitoring

• Durability and performance

• Alternative Management


Analysis of the main economic indicators (product growth and inflation), of fundamental indicators (fiscal and monetary policy, financial conditions and social-political stability), of technical and market factors (higher/lower propensity for risk taking on the part of investors, relative valuations between classes of assets and monitoring of investors reactions to specific events).

Asset Class
Investment instruments
(shares, ETFs, bonds, futures...)
Risk monitoring
(market, liquidity, counterpart,
limits and regulatory restrictions...)
Stress Test Analysis

We manage global assets allowing our investment team to invest in different markets and geographies, using multiple instruments that extract value from the different opportunities presented by each geography, in view of its economic cycle.

Risk management is one of our main tools. We believe that only based on rigorous work can we bring added value to the client’s portfolio, always bearing in mind the five principles that permeate the philosophy of DUNAS CAPITAL SGFIM:

• Preservation of the client’s invested capital;

• Gain of positive returns at low risk;

• Optimisation of the relation between risk and return;

• Systematic reporting to the client

• Diversification of return sources.

Our Asset Allocation Process is carefully undertaken, bearing in mind the risk and return goals set and the time span of the investment, without losing from sight environment and economic perspectives, and ensuring constant monitoring and revision.

Diversification, through the conjugation of managers that act in different markets with differentiated strategies and distinct classes of assets, reduces both risks significantly. Thus, we succeed in diminishing simultaneously market and manager risks, also reducing the global volatility of the portfolio and maximizing the risk/return ratio.

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